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How to get best results with your slimming package!

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Body sculpting increases flow of both the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and it also helps with cleaning of the tissues. The main use of body sculpting treatment is inch loss, diminishing of cellulite, and tightening of the skin.

Benefits: Lose 1-3 inches per treatment with state-of-the-art equipment. Benefits are often immediate, but may be delayed in some people.

For Best Results: A series of 9-12 body sculpting treatments are recommended per each area, but some individuals may require more treatments to achieve maximum results. There should be at least 1-2 days between each treatment. This is not a weight loss treatment, but an inch loss. The inches will only return if the client goes back to their old habits. Eating the right types of food, proper exercise, and drinking 8 glasses of water per day are always recommended. For best results, it is recommended that you exercise within 4-6 hours of treatment and avoid sugar and alcohol for 24 hours after each treatment.

Body Contouring is a lifestyle
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